From beginner to winner - in minutes!

Before going anywhere near the water, Ski-Reg will explain both code of safety as well as the simple ‘secret knack' of how to ‘get up' and water ski! Then it's on with the life jacket that keeps you afloat in the water, so you don't need to be an expert swimmer.

After this, sit back and enjoy the Tenerife sun and wonderful views of the coastline as Ski-Reg guides the boat to a calm stretch of water. Ski-Reg will then show you how to put your skis on while in the water, as well as going through the simple ‘knack' technique again.

Cameras at the ready for the photograph of the holiday as you rise from the water and ski – a huge smile on your face! You will be encouraged and supervised at every step and afterwards you will feel invigorated and pleased you did something really ‘different' on your holiday.

Here is June, nervous first-timer, who in 10 minutes found herself water skiing – and as you can see from the smile on her face, thrilled at her achievement – this is definitely THE photo from her holiday!! (click photos to enlarge)

Go on June you can do it! Reg helps June with skis Here we go, camera ready! Winner! What a Smile!

Here is Mike's first-ever go at water skiing – after just a few minutes learning the secret knack to water skiing from Ski-Reg, just look at what he does – one handed water skiing!

Mike enjoying the boat ride Thumbs up – here we go! Camera ready, up he comes! One handed! Photo of the hols!

Why not join them and hundreds more? Have a look at Reg's Guest Book for the comments of people who never ever thought they would water ski – people of all ages who decided to spend a couple of hours having fun and achieving something they never thought they could – and remember to bring your camera so you will have the photographic evidence of your achievement!

As Reg says: “If I can't get you up – no one can!”